Affiliate Discount Codes


Money is energy, I lovingly support these products, brands, and beings, with gratitude for their support too!

Ritual Oils

Beautiful blue lotus infused moringa oil, brings out a natural glow of our skin, heals pimples and sores, makes skin look its luscious best! Use code childoftheearth for 10% off all products, click HERE to shop.

Superfeast Medicinal Mushrooms

Medicinal Mushrooms and potent tonic herbs that enhance our immune system and general wellbeing, they can be added to hot drinks, smoothies, or mixed with water. Superfeast is a family owned business, Mason being a childhood friend of mine, I trust their ethics and their passion for holistic health. Use code childoftheearth to enjoy 10% off, click HERE to shop.

La Loba

Extensive range of holistic and natural yoni care products, my personal favourite have been the Yoni Pearls, a traditional ancient herbal medicine that permeates the interior of the vaginal canal, which assist in clearing emotional and physical blocks, they are powerfully cleansing and refreshing! Click HERE to shop the yoni pearls and entire range.

My Philosophy

Our natural state is vibrant health which is a state of harmony, a balance of our energetic bodies, and that of Earth. We mirror Earth and Her seasons and cycles with our own seasons and cycles. Our health is a reflection of our state of harmony (or disharmony), there is great enjoyment within using treasures of/from Earth to enhance our balance and wellbeing.

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