Sarah Elizabeth Vosper

My intention is to clear shame from our Culture and empower others to meet their True Nature, to discover who they are in Truth beyond social conditioning and constructs – so more of us can enjoy rich, fulfilling and inspiring lives, making the most of the beauty that is to be humankind on Earth!

I have experienced what some term The Dark Night of the Soul – having the world as I knew it all crash down around me when I manifested illness in my yoni, the shame and guilt I experienced of my body, my sexual organs, my genitals was beyond overwhelming – I thought I had failed life, failed my family, and wanted to give up. 

All the symbology that I knew to read at the time kept telling me big changes were occurring to align me with my Soul Path, so I decided all I could do was take one step at a time, little did I know those first steps would be the ones of liberating me from violation of consciousness and violation of body, they took me on a heal-thy path of undoing my social programming, breaking off my mask and meeting my True Nature, freeing me from fear based programmes and agendas.

I term these kind of events ‘Dark Blessings in Disguise’, the darkness of such experiences force (or inspire) us to go within the darkness of our self, into our psyche, and often down rabbit holes of change, although challenging they prove to create fertile ground for change and abundance of blessings for our unique paths, if we allow ourselves to open to the teachings and the medicine that come with working through the challenge/s.

The journey of discovering my True Nature has been worth every moment of staring shame and guilt in the face – my healing journey has seen me free myself from fear based programmes and lifted me out of fear based programmes and agendas that manipulate creative energy.

My healing journey has birthed a depth of compassion for all human beings that I could not previously even imagine, it has gifted me the ability to witness others without trying to fix or change them, to be a pillar of strength as they navigate their own path of Truth and work through their Dark Blessings in Disguise, to dicover the medicine that is there for their unique path and being.

What we manifest for ourselves is not always our sole creation, we can be heavily effected and influenced by social and cultural programming, and thus I find myself with a mission to speak to the areas that have previously been reserved as private, in Western Culture, opening the door for more conversations of autonomy of the naked body, sexuality, sacred sexuality, understanding gender, and working to free agendas that manipulate the creative energy of others, through shame and guilt that work against the naturalness and wholeness of our bodies.

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