DARK MOON is the evening before the NEW MOON, a potent time to allow that which needs to die, to die, allowing ourselves to shed and surrender, in preparation for the New Moon, which peaks at 7:38 pm 16.08.23 AEST. The New Moon offers us a time to plant new seeds of intention for the new lunar cycle, a time to discern what we give our focused attention to, based on what our heart is calling to experience/create/nurture.

In Western Culture there is a strong focus on socially celebrating life and newness, often information starts spreading about the approaching NEW MOON without any mention or honouring of the DARK MOON, which precedes the new moon, the DEATH that happens BEFORE BIRTH, the DEATH that fertilises GROWTH.

As more of us learn to not turn away or overlook death and darkness, we learn the potency and medicine that death offers in our experiences, the fertility that they bring! Seed in soil, baby in utero, birth of new life starts in darkness, and death like compost, fertilises new growth.

The opposite to death is not life, the opposite to death is BIRTH! The opposite to life, is non-life, dullness – many of us can be so afraid of dying that we miss out on truly living, living rich lives full of experience and GROWTH, it is through death, death of relationships, death of versions of ourselves, death of ways of thinking, death of ways of behaving, and more, all of these forms of death can make not only birthing of new possible, but also contribute to FERTILISING growth.

When we are doing ‘the work’ evolving our consciousness, consciously choosing to kill certain habits , inviting more awareness of our Spirit, we often find aspects of ourselves and aspects of our life crash and ‘die’, they no longer serve the life that wants to be expressed and experienced, their death therefore better serves fertilising the new growth of expression and experience!

So I invite you now to open your awareness to the potency of the DARK MOON which occurs the evening BEFORE the NEW MOON, use this as a marker to self reflect, what have you been feeling and thinking during this time?

What can you let go off and die off, in order to fertilise that which you truly want to experience and grow with?

What is in your life that can die, that feels too heavy or unneeded, perhaps out dated, been repeated in different shapes and forms, habits that are unhealthy or unfulfilling, what is there that offers no fertility for growth in the areas your heart wants to experience or enrich?

What is in your heart to experience?

What does a bolder, brighter version of yourself look and feel like?

AND what is stopping that growth and blooming of self? THAT is what can die, be released, allowed to shed.

||JOIN ME || Option to join me in exploring these questions further together, for heart broken women who want to be their BOLDER, BRIGHTER self! I am offering a 13 week 1:1 online container which includes weekly coaching via zoom, two of those being an online Medicine Drum Ceremony.

If you are ready to turn your heart break into fertilising and enriching a BOLDER, BRIGHTER version of yourself please e-mail me hello@sarahelizabethvosper.com or book in directly for a FREE 15 minute CONNECTION CALL where we can see if we are a great fit to work together.

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All my love, Sar

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