In this rich abundant world of different tones, colours, shapes and textures, there can be no true collective beauty ideal, beauty is a matter of perspective and we all perceive through unique lens – what is natural and powerful is emanating our own expressions and values of beauty, not submitting to beauty ideals of others, or those of our society – beauty ideals, just like gender are social constructs, communicated to us through social codes, heavily influenced by media, and especially advertising campaigns.

With so many different perspectives and values of beauty, it is our purpose to be unique to allow ourselves to be what is natural for us, we experience advertising marketing flooding our children with agendas that sell product – not wisdom. We need time to grow into our bodies, to understand them and appreciate them, it serves our wellbeing and our unique gifts to stop comparing and approach ourselves with a sense of curiosity, allowing ourselves the time to first grow into our bodies, and then opening ourselves to the true beauty that we are, our unique threads adding to the richness and colour that is Earth.

Dear Children of this Earth, Daughters and Sons,

We all need time to grow into our bodies, to learn our bodies and understand the magnificence of them and the way Nature created us. Nature gets nothing wrong, our form is perfection. 

What is wrong, is the limitation of conventional ideals, the confusion between gender and sex, the restrictions of social constructs painted in white and black when we live in a world of colour. 

I want you to love your body, I want you to feel in love with your body, I want you to understand more of your body, of its beauty and its power. I trust that in time you will understand the gift that is uniqueness and allow yourself to be all that is True for you.

Our unique features are masterpieces, our unique expressions are blessings. We need time and space to grow into ourselves. My wish is for you to allow this time, to approach yourself with a sense of curiosity and observation, release all comparisons and turn your inner critic into your best friend. Speak to yourself as you would your best friend.

With time you’ll learn the ones that are meant for you will love you exactly as you are. Accept yourself and call in the courage to share yourself with this world, we need you. The colour and beauty of Earth needs your unique thread woven through.

Thank you for being here.

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