The power of becoming disciplined with our sexual energy is not to restrict ourselves, rather it is to free ourselves – we learn to differentiate activated sexual energy and non activated sexual energy, we free the naked body from sexualisation. 

Nudity is heavily sexualised in Western Culture, to the point that women’s nipples are deemed inappropriate for general viewing, inappropriate for children, who only a handful or so years ago were staring at their mother’s nipples for hours in a day! Their mother’s nipples were their connection to life force breast milk, their channel to receive nutrients and antibodies. 

Sure women’s nipples can be sexualised but they also can not be, they are part of our natural bodies, so why do we consider natural bodies so inappropriate in our culture? Because they are heavily sexualised in our cultural media, the Sacredness and naturalness are not yet understood collectively – if we understood nipples as natural receptors, if we opened what has previously been reserved for the ‘private world’ we would create more safe spaces to share ourselves in. 

Women could swim, sunbake, breastfeed, garden without experiencing any projected sexual energy, without experiencing sexualisation of their bodies, which when NOT sexually activated are NOT sexual. 

Women would experience their power of freely being in their beautiful, natural bodies, with nipples and all, and not feeling any fear, guilt, or shame of what Nature and a Greater Intelligence has created.

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