Intimacy is not sex, and sex is not intimacy, they can correlate, and they can differentiate. Proving they are not one of the same, they are their own expressions. We can manifest intimacy in our sexual relations, and we can manifest intimacy in our non-sexual relations.

We too can manifest our sexual relations with no intimacy and our non-sexual relations with no intimacy.

Understand now how they are their own expressions and not one of the same?

It is imperative that we teach ourselves how to be intimate without sexual expression, in order to experience a broad range of heal-thy relationships. In order to allow ourselves to be seen, allow ourselves to witness another, allow ourselves to experience the bliss of this connection with others, on a daily basis!

I also feel it imperative for us to teach ourselves to differentiate intimacy from sexuality, to create a more free world for our children to express themselves, for our children to experience connection, for our children to experience intimacy without anyone else’s projections of murky and undisciplined sexual energy.

The more we learn to fill ourselves with intimate connections separate from sexual connections and expressions, the more light we reach into our hearts and Spirits. From that place, only then, will be truly understand the depths, the power, the healing, the grace, the gift of our sexual energy, the Sacredness of it, of our sexual response-ability and the significance of disciplined sexual energy.

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