Just as we have our own cycles, of resting and creating, of gathering and organising, of shedding and growing, of dying and birthing, we also have a greater collective cycle of woman whereby all women maintain the balance – we see that as one woman is in her cycle of resting, another is in her cycle of creating, as one woman is dying another is being birthed, as one is gathering or growing another is shedding or releasing, each balancing the other, each a very important part of the collective whole woman. 

Opening ourselves to this perception allows ourselves to be at ease with where we are, to relax into what is authentic for us in each moment, knowing that we never have to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, we never have to ‘keep pushing through’, we can relax into what is authentic for ourselves, for our energy levels, for our wellbeing, and as we do this, we show up richer in life, so too, we learn to celebrate other women’s cycles, their creations and offerings, just as much as their resting and retreating, we can celebrate them, without comparing ourselves, we can release the old paradigm competitive nature – knowing that our authenticity of being and expressing offers us and others a richness when we honour it, we all maintain a grand balance of the collective whole woman, which is, like us, cyclical in Nature.

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