In a culture that teaches us to sterilise this and sanitise that, it is no surprise that the very same culture deals with infertility, by over sterilising we are disconnected from our wholeness of self, from the power within our wholeness, disconnecting us from the soil that our food grows within, instilling a fear of microbes in soil, the organic dirt and organic waste, we lose the understanding and connection between fertility and dirt! Our BEAUTYfull flowers grow better with sh*t, literally they need the fertility of the poo, they transform the poo into beauty. As I walk through our streets and see others religiously hand sanitising, I instantly think ‘it is no wonder our culture deals with infertility’, it teaches us to sanitise, to sterlise, to be fearful of placing our hands and feet in the soil, it has neglected to teach us the fertility of our menstrual blood, it feels like our fertility has been stolen from us, so we must ‘buy it back’ through an unholistic health system disconnect from the wholeness and harmony of our natural selves and nature.
Why is it that pigs are often associated with abundance and symbolic for ‘piggy banks’, and yet also communicated as unclean? These beings sort through the mud and the organic compost, turning waste into abundance! These beings are symbolic of abundance, symbolic of true wisdom and love, there is nothing unclean about organic waste, keeping the naturalness of our waste, returning what comes from Nature, back to Nature so it may transform death into life, shit into beauty, waste into abundance.

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