How incredible to witness your growth, your transformation, to see you breathing and existing here as young woman, young in your cycle of woman, yet so innately wise, so eager to experience more of this journey no doubt! There was much I felt to ‘warn’ you about as you stepped out of school life and into a broader circle of beings and experiences, yet I felt deeper into it and realised what a burden that would be. To plant any seed of fear is a crime against humanity – you are all that you are, you will only ever experience what you can handle in this life, trust your inner guidance, reach out for support if you ever lose your way.

If anything ever breaks, allow it to break open and watch the breaking transform into a break through, I feel we are made to experience these breaking moments, they not only let the light in, they allow us to hold and be a larger capacity of life, there is nothing ever wrong with you, trust in your process, your journey.

Instead of warning you of any potential pitfalls, I feel to simply remind you that:

• we can remedy anything into balance, if there is no remedy already, discover and share your own

• a miracle simply means something the logical mind cannot comprehend, we experience miracles on a daily basis

• we learn through experience, hence we never make mistakes simply mis-takes (fine tune and try again)

• no one has this journey of woman (or man) figured out, we learn it as we go

• sharing our experiences with other women, with non-judgement, empowers all of us

• our path is unique to us, it serves no ones wellbeing to ever compare ourselves or our path to others, trust in your unique path

• our sexual energy takes time, courage, and gentleness to discover

• everything about your body is intelligent, innately intelligent, natural wisdom expressed in the most miraculous ways, it has much to show us and teach us, its wisdom is profound, learn to trust it, learn to listen to it, learn to feel it

• our self worth is reflected in all our experiences, if things are not working out for us, it serves us to get clear on what we desire, and remind ourselves that we are good enough, we are worthiness

• our pride heals faster than regret

• we are intricately connected to Nature, the seasons and the lunar cycles

• we can have, do and be anything we wish

• our heart knows our Truth

• our feelings can be our best guide – following our heart (our Spirit) over our mind which is conditioned by our environment

• to free ourselves of all shame, guilt and regret, empowers our freedom and connects us with our authentic self

• our 20s is a decade of ‘collecting data’, experiencing life, in order to discover what we do and do not like/value, enjoy it all without trying too hard to work it all out

• create awareness of what we believe (be-live/to-live), choose what to believe, our thoughts program our reality

• create awareness of all that we write and speak (spelling/spell), our words cast spells

• enjoy life, be kind to yourself and others

• forgive for the joy of forgiving, it does not mean we condone, to forgive simply allows us to let go

• at least one person is thinking about us in each moment, never forget that you are loved, made from love, made of love, are love

• I love you, grateful to not only know you but to have witnessed your being arrive in the tiny baby body that it did, to witness you transform and continue to transform, I am grateful for everything and every moment we have shared

• I promise to share my learnings with you, to be vulnerable and truthful in my sharings, if you ever feel to know my path/lessons

• if your world ever feels too heavy, and you call on me, I will be there to support you, to hold safe space while you re-discover/call in your power and connection to your Highest Self (your Spirit/your I am Presence)

• I AM, are the two most powerful words (spells), for what we put after them shapes our reality

(Original Black & White artwork is not mine, I have no source for it to credit, have simply edited it, please message me if you know its original source so I can credit, thank you)

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