Some teachings state that it is natural for women to bleed with the new moon, through my own exploration of this, I feel there is no right or wrong alignment when it comes to our menstrual phases and its mirroring of the moon phases. Nature mirrors us in many ways, and we mirror Nature, observing ourselves and our relation to Nature allows us to discover ourselves, to real-eyes ourselves, we use Nature’s elements to reflect and self-reflect our own inner world, they help us realise where we are on our path, what we are experiencing, what we may need, where our creative energy feels best to be directed etc. There can be a ‘wrong’ phase for us to bleed in only in terms of us being out of balance with our own needs, our own intuitive and innate communication, directing us of our inner needs for our wellbeing, what makes us feel happy and healthy – for example we may over exert ourselves, we may give more to others than we give to ourselves, especially in terms of rest, we may say yes to giving when our wellbeing is asking us to say no, not just yet, not in this moment, I need to rest first, I need to sit in silence for a moment, I need to connect, etc. and therefore we find ourselves bleeding with the full moon, the energy of the moon supporting our own energy levels when they are at the lowest, it is a time to be supported as we have not been supporting our own inner needs, and/or we may be prioritising the wellbeing of others, exerting our energy into the collective, offering healing support to others when they are at their lowest or in their depths, perhaps at a time when the moon is dark and they may be bleeding, therefore we find ourselves align our blood with the full moon, so when others are at their highest level of energy, able to exert, we take rest, we avoid the full moon gathers and social activities which are abundant around the time of the full moon, and we retreat to go within, to recharge, and so we see the medicine women may align their menstrual phase with the full moon phase, so it is not simply by accident, or that some women are out of alignment with the right moon phase to bleed with, they are simply bleeding with the moon phase that supports where their creative attention is directed – it takes self observation to see if our creative attention is being directed where we value it to be, if we are living in alignment of our own wellbeing, our own desires, some of us may choose in moments that providing for others is what brings us the most fulfillment, and so we choose to exert ourselves, it is only when we give without topping ourselves up first that we burn ourselves out, similar to the concept in an aeroplane, if an emergency occurs and the oxygen masks drop, we are guided to first put our own oxygen mask on and then helps others – we are no real help if we are not well, us becoming unwell does not help the unwell, therefore priotising our own wellbeing, our own health, saying no when our own wellbeing needs our attention is not selfish at all, it is more so considerate of others, we consider the wellbeing of others by prioritising our own wellbeing! When we are well charged, breathing well, we are much more efficient with our offering, than when we are depleted, struggling for air. So we learn first to focus on our own wellbeing, to balance ourselves, and then we learn how this empowers all other women.

When we sit in circle with other women and share authentically, vulnerably and truthfully with each other, we learn how intricately connected we all are, we start to see that we are all connected, we are part of an intricate web, a web of women. We learn to recognise how we all dance with each other, balance each other in more ways than we may consciously realise. So we work on ourselves, our own personal balance, and then collectively we balance each other, the beauty is in how we can see that we are safe to rest when we need to, because we have other women supporting us while we take rest, the world will not fall apart if/when we rest, it is so potent and deeply humbling to real-eyes this intricate web we are a part of, we truly learn through observation the necessity for us to trust in our own path, trust in our own cycles, our own menstrual phases, as we balance each other, it allows us to know that we can rest, as other women will create, will birth, while we shed, while we rest, while we die, this is the power of women, the importance of us looking after our own wellbeing, charge our own specialness, so we maintain balance within our web of each other, we honour our role, our phase, within the grander web of women, moving and humbling us when we see how special we all are, how we cannot truly do this life on our own, and yet we must take responsibility for our own path of life.

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