I was on an adventure with my partner last year, he was in his shorts, no top, I was in my swimmer bottoms, a cotton crop top and skirt, we came across a fresh water swimming hole, with pristine clear turquoise water that was so soothing to swim in, being only the two of us we swam in our natural state, naked, free to feel the waters embrace – the cool water was soothing for our itchy mosquito bites, it was refreshing and rejuvenating.

As we planned to continue on the path and follow the creek line, and swim some more, I felt torn as what to do with my clothes, deciding to wear my swimmer bottoms a good choice incase insects or bugs found their way into my sensitive yogi region while walking through the forest, but I did not feel inspired to wet or wear my my cotton crop top or take it on and off for swims. I felt torn, my Spirit wanted to go as I was, topless, in my swimmer bottom, ready to swim at any moment, yet my logical, conditioned mind was worried about if we crossed paths with others, specifically worried about what they would think or assume. I felt uncomfortable not knowing if and who we could potentially cross paths with, I didn’t want to be judged, yet I knew my Spirit wanted to experience the moment without having to cover up, why was I feeling so torn? I couldn’t work it out with my mind, so I asked the forest.

The forest told me that our nipples are receptors, hence why it felt so good to be exploring without a top, I felt empowered, connected, and guided beyond my logical mind.

I felt uncomfortable not wearing my top, because I could imagine the associations and assumptions people unfamiliar to me may create about me and what we were doing.

I decided to trust my Spirit, and the guidance of the forest, I wanted to experience the journey with my receptors (nipples) unhindered. I went for it, and since that day everything has changed, I freed myself from my conditioned thinking, by honouring my Spirit, my Truth, the experience was incredible, I felt so connected, so wonderful as a woman, so free and authentic. I now recognise the importance, the power, and the freedom of being in Nature without a top covering my receptors.

If women were to fight for equality, we would call out men’s nipples to be deemed inappropriate for public viewing – to hinder that freedom of men feels backwards, hence realising the importance of women calling forth their right to normalise the viewing of their nipples!

Whenever my Spirit guides me to be without a top, I honour that, some days it takes a bit of mental work, to release my conditioned mind which often surfaces fear of public scrutiny, and then I bring myself back to the fact that almost everyone’s first experience in life has been sustenance from the nipple, their mother’s breast milk. If my nipples are deemed inappropriate for public viewing, then its time to remind everyone of their very first moments and experiences on Earth – we would not survive without nipples, they are powerful powerful body parts that work beyond just a physical body part, they are healing receptors, keeping ourselves and our babies in harmony with our outer environment.

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