We are in an incredible time right now where we are able (if we are willing) to release our Soul’s karma, and step into a new expression aligned with our Spirit. Collectively and individually we are in a time of Re-birth. It serves us our wellbeing to focus on our own inner world, how we think, talk and speak to ourselves, and others. Spoken word spells just like our written word, our spell-ing, while our internal words really drive the momentum of the spells – I have found it is the internal spells that are of utmost importance to change, as they can often go unnoticed.

I feel we require an awareness of our Spirit/(the) Spirit in order to align with wholeness and wellness, we gain a deeper sense of Trust and belief of miracles, once we connect with an energy that is greater than our thinking mind. Spirit can be whatever resonates with each person, some may feel it is God, some may feel it is Nature, some may feel it is themselves, all of it is true and all of it is deeply personal, however we come to understand Spirit is perfect for our own unique paths – the key healing aspect of Spirit, is its ability to birth trust and connection within us, thus meditation being a powerful tool on healing journeys, a powerful tool for our joy, for every day living really. It reminds us of our own greater power, and our connection to all that is. We are never alone on our journeys.

Our Soul is our energetic blue print, it is the energy that has lived and experienced many lives, and our Spirit is our Highest Self, Truth, connected to all that is. The difference between Soul and Spirit, is that Soul is effected by events/memories/experiences/past lives, yet Spirit is not – Spirit lives in everything, it is pure Nature and Cosmic intelligence, it is whole, unconditional and harmonious.

Earth is a beautiful playground, and we do not need to suffer, as we transition into a new way of being on Earth, of relating with Earth and each other, as we evolve, we are able to release all suffering – it is up to each of us to choose to release our suffering and allow ourselves to feel joy.

I see many people opening up to this, many people starting to ask questions and seek their own answers, of what makes them happy, of what may help them align with wellness. I feel we have so many remedies, we are being asked to create new remedies for ourselves and each other – we are in a time of Re-birth. Plant medicine has been the biggest ally so far in guiding humans to their Truth, to wellness, to joy, it connects us back to our natural state of love, it shows us the depths of our thinking mind, so we may choose to change. Journeying with a medicine drum is also a profound healing tool, a lot more gentle, yet equally powerful as plant medicine. I am also finding crystals are working with us too, to support our desires, and influence our own energetic fields, they may seem like just rocks to some, however the more we open our subtle energies, the more we become aware of what they inspire within our energetic fields.

My own path has seen my soul learn tough lessons around my sexuality, and the health of my yoni ­. I journeyed the pits of shame, guilt, illness, dis-ease, fear, loneliness, and when I reached my breaking point, allowed myself to break down, shatter my identity and need to ‘have everything worked out’, I witnessed Spirit, angels, and my own intuitive guidance, take my hand and show me how incredibly perfect I am, how I am wellness, and the only thing keeping me apart from those Truths was myself. Not out of naiviety necessarily, out of a culture with so many fear based programmes, a culture so disconnected from the intelligence of Nature and Spirit, a culture simply disconnected from self, isolated in a manufactured material world. As I journeyed to bring in more Spirit to my experience, and trusted in a deep inner knowing that all dis-ease can be remedied into balance, I was given my stepping stones to my end goal of vibrant health, freedom, wellness, connection, Truth.

I find it imperative to share my belief and trust in miracle healing, to support that any dis-ease can be healed if someone is willing. The hardest work in becoming well, is the uncomfortable sensations of facing ourselves, there can be so much buried within – our self talk is key in working out why we have manifested physical ds-ease. I feel all physical dis-ease stems from our thoughts and emotions of self, so it serves us to be curious of ourselves along our healing journey and learn to release our inner critic. Certain dis-eases are labeled incurable, because there is no magic pill to cover up the side effects, dis-ease is a sign of our body not being aligned with the Truth of our heart, of our Spirit. Our heart and our Spirit will always guide us to our Truth, so while certain dis-eases may be labeled incurable, they absolutely have a remedy, it is up to us individually to discover our remedy, it takes courage and a willingness to change, to follow our intuitive guidance, our heart, our Spirit.

In this moment of time all can be healed, set your intention to heal, find the courage to be willing, the fearlessness to face whatever needs to be seen/felt/heard and release it. Life is meant to be joyful, our Spirits are waiting for us to call them back!

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