There is so much more to our spell-ing, than the surface layer of a word, from my experience spelling, spells, and I have never been drawn to woman being spelled as womxn, I often enjoy spelling woman with a b, as a reminder of our womb power, womben or wom(b)en. It is important for me to work through judgements, consider if there is something I am not aware of, put myself in another’s shoes, try to see what they may see, and so I have remained quiet about the word womxn that continues to pop up. I feel it has a place for women exploring their path of self empowerment, to use it as a form of expression, however I feel it also of great importance to shine light on the art of our spelling, and the power that woman, spelt as woman beholds.

When I read the word womxn, I feel subtle energies of avoidance, pain, anger, resentment, neglect, separation, unnaturalness, forcing something to be what it is not. I recognise it as a tool for women wanting to separate themselves from ‘man’, however this separation further fuels disconnect from our own wholeness, as wom(b)en.

You see, when we change woman, to not include the word man, we neglect our response-ability as women – woman births man into this world, she can never be less than man, if anything, when we look at the spelling of woman, we see she has two extra letters than man, if we look as the letters as artwork, we can feel the w move from above, hook down below, move up again, hook down once more below before returning up – for me this represents the magic that women behold, the ability to bring energy from above, down below, we have a certain responsibility to bring this energy from above, down below, every month if not every day, our o represents unity, balance, wholeness, when we look at the brush stroke movement as art, we see completion/wholeness/balance, we see energy moving from above, below, and up again, all equal (as above so below). As woman learns her power, she inherently understands her value and may choose to walk a path of response-ability for the wellness of all life on Earth, including that of man. Man is after all our sons, our brothers, our fathers, our uncles, our cousins, our neighbours, and there is no denying the bliss that is it to feel love in our hearts for these men, to allow men to both love and support us, as we love and support them – there is always a mirroring that happens, as we learn our value, our power, respect ourselves and honour our wisdom, we see that reflected to us by others, both men and women.

I have journeyed the angry woman, the woman rejecting men as safe and wonderful, I have journeyed the fear, anger, resentment of men, the fears that run hand in hand with the old programs of rape, abuse, harassment – and through time I have freed myself of such programs, called in my power and my freedom to be safe in this world, down the dirty work of digging out my catacombs which did not align with self-acceptance and self-love, slowly re-wired my own understanding of my sexuality and my intricate connection to Nature, and Spirit. What I know is that is does not feel good to be angry, or fearful, it does feel good to be free and trusting – discernment is our friend, we learn to discern through experience and through strengthening our connection with our Spirit (and/or intuition). 

I see I am still journeying aspects of deepening my trust of men unfamiliar to me, the more I learn my own power, the more I learn to clearly communicate with others, both men and women, so my actions, words and expressions are not misread.

I find women inherently connect in with energy above, they have this ability to effortlessly connect in with Spirit, while men can be very intuitive, they are often strongest within their innate, while women naturally have strong intuition – it is a matter of opening their awareness to this intuition and connection to Spirit, and then learning to trust it. My best example of this, is a lost child at our local farmer’s market, somehow I had a feeling to catch him and help look for his guardian, my partner’s rational mind was focused on efficiency and time, so when a member of the market offered to take over and help find the child’s guardians, my partner guided us to leave, after about five steps I had a strong feeling to return to the child and stay with him until we found his parents, my rational mind made no sense of it, but my intuition was too strong to be ignored, so I returned, and the child grasped for me, somehow he felt comfortable in my embrace, and we stayed as a team until his father was found. To this day I have no idea why I did what I did, but I know my guidance was very clear – whether than child’s Spirit and mine communicated while we waited, or simply staying to help strengthened his trust in community support, I do not know, I do not need to know, I simply feel fulfilled by trusting and honouring my Intuitive Guidance. 

It is somewhat easier for women to connect in with Spirit*, the veil can be thin if we are willing/allow it to be, which I feel is due to our wombs, our gateway of Spirit into matter, this is our power centre which also makes sense why our sexuality has been so culturally targeted. As we understand the energy of our wombs, our sexuality, as we learn and trust in our own unique beauty, self-worth, and connection to all that is, our power can never be taken from us, we are too tapped in to be manipulated – hence our responsibility to ensure wellness for all beings, men and women; after all these are our sons and daughters, we lead by example how men and women should treat each other, by the way we choose to live. So I ask all women, choosing to spell woman as womxn to feel into the energy of the word, feel into your intention to consciously choose that spell-ing and your creation of such a spell, on Earth.

With love, and gratitude for this woman path.

*please note, this refers to our intuitive connections, it does not mean women are better than men or more capable, I know many men who have very strong connections to their intuition and/or Spirit, it simply means the process may be easier to connect in with our intuition and/or Spirit.

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