Women in Western Culture, we get taught everything that could go wrong with our bodies before we learn and experience the wholeness of our bodies.

We get told and shown stories with agendas and programmes that take our power away, put us in a state of fear, fearing all that could go wrong, forcing our creative attention on our fears, rather than our desires.

Spell-ing Our Power Back

Across all time, space and dimensions, those agendas and programmes are now revoked. I speak and spell for myself and all others who are willing.

I revoke all permission I have ever given, known and unknown, for any programmes and energy that interferes with my I Am Presence, I lovingly take back my power and eliminate all interference, my body is natural and normal, I rejoice in my sexuality and celebrate Spirit (or God) which supports me and my wholeness. I am while, I am beauty, I am clarity, I am strength, I am power. So be it. So it is.

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