Who Are We

Child of the Earth, made of love, has been born through Sarah Elizabeth Vosper.

Sarah has expanded herself through dis-ease of her yoni, and is inspired to right the wrongs, seeing clearly how Western Culture creates programmes infused with fear, steering our creative energy to manifest (bring into physical form) that which we do not want. She recognised a disconnect from our wholeness of women, and is inspired to shine more light on our power, our innate beauty, and inspire more women to discover their wholeness.

She chose to heal through a holistic approach, working through her subconscious patterns of shame and guilt, that were working against her Spirit’s truth of vibrant health, empowered sexuality, and sacredness of woman.

Her Soul Work intends to inspire a reconnection of women with their innate and intuitive intelligence, removing taboo of the female body, sharing wisdom of its power and beauty, and paving a path for empowered whole women, to relish in the joys of this life, of the beauty path. She welcomes in this New Earth, guided by Matriarchy, nurturer of all life.

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